Real-Life Learning

These days, a solid, structured mentor program is worth its weight in gold. University education is important; however, the education received outside of four walls is becoming increasingly more sought after.

Registered Dietitians who want to become Sport Dietitians are facing the extreme challenge of having a college degree but no experience. With more and more jobs being created, the market for Sport Dietitians has never looked better. Unfortunately, without real-life, in the trenches experience, future Sport Dietitians will be lucky to get an interview.

Endurance Coaches are a dime a dozen compared to 15 years ago when the market wasn't as saturated. What sets coaches apart? It's not certifications, trust me. It is the field experience that they receive from good mentor programs. At a minimum, mentor programs should include exercise physiology principles, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, sport psychology/goal setting, the art and science of periodization, technology, and business strategies.

Whether you are a Registered Dietitian or an Endurance Coach, Bob Seebohar will guide you with a customized mentor experience that is tailored to your strengths, weaknesses, and career goals. He will use his three university degrees, and more importantly, 22 years of real-life experience to help you improve your technical skills and knowledge, and become more marketable. He has worked for prestigious institutions and athletes and has been a successful entrepreneur for 9 years. He can teach. He can guide. He can inspire.



Registered Dietitians

Bob Seebohar creates a custom curriculum that accounts for your educational experience and builds upon the science of sport nutrition and exercise physiology. He then looks at your practical experiences and creates a custom real-life progressive plan that will provide you the field skills necessary to secure a job or simply enhance your career.

Three or six month mentor program options are available.

Endurance Coaches

Coaches come from many different types of educational backgrounds and while there is not one common theme, Bob Seebohar will make sure that you have the necessary book smarts before moving on to the practice learning piece of the mentor program. Bob will guide you in the art and science of coaching and provide you the skills that will set you apart from other coaches, including business development.

This mentor program is typically three months in length.