And so it next adventure!



Here's how this crazy idea came about...last year, my family and I drove down to Arizona to watch my oldest son compete in the Nike Cross Regionals race (cross country). On our way back to Colorado we stopped at the Grand Canyon (GC) to show the kids one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

I'll cut right to the chase. As I was standing on the edge enjoying the vast beauty of the GC, I told my wife and kids that I was going to run across it and back. I didn't know when. I just knew that I would.

So, here's the deal. I'm going to run/hike from the south rim to the north rim and back to the south rim again, yes all in one day. Why? I usually operate on the "why not" continuum. I am doing this because I want to, plain and simple. Of course, I am hoping my son gets invited to go down to Arizona for Nike Cross again so my logistics work out right. Drive down to the GC, do a "little" run, head down to Phoenix, watch my son race and drive back home with him. BOOM! Best of all worlds.

That's the plan but here's the thing. I thought, why not, for the first time, really detail how I am going to do this and let everyone follow my progress. Enter my blog. Each week (likely on Sundays), I am going to tell you how my week of training, nutrition, recovery, and overall life progressed. I will share my successes, my failures and my challenges along the way. I'm not racing will be an experience, one that I plan on enjoying and taking full part in. No stress of going fast but rather, engaging in an activity that brings me joy. Keep updated on my progress each week as I may share some gems when it comes to training, recovery and nutrition! I promise I won't write a novel each week...;-)

And speaking of nutrition, Generation UCAN has agreed to power my journey. I am going to use all UCAN products for training and throughout the actual double crossing of the GC. UCAN bars, drinks and hydration products will be my staple. Why? Well, because their philosophy matches quite closely to mine (controlling blood sugar to improve health and performance) and I just really like everything about them.

I am going to show you that this forty-something father of three, husband of one, and owner of a few small businesses can in fact achieve balance in his life by training smart, recovering smarter, and using even smarter nutrition supplied by Generation UCAN.

And, I'm off. The 10 week countdown has begun.

Stay tuned! My first official blog post will be coming out this Sunday!