R2R2R: Week 3

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Last week proved to be my most challenging week yet training for R2R2R. Why? Simply put…life! It’s what we all face - work obligations, family, kids activities and the like. Balance is tough sometimes and I had to step up my planning before last week because luckily, I knew my schedule would be uber challenging.

Luckily, I didn’t run into any bears this week!

Luckily, I didn’t run into any bears this week!

Going into the week, I knew Thursday and Sunday were my challenging days. I spent all day Thursday getting the launch of Birota Foods up and running (and I am happy to say that Birota Foods is live and actively selling Smart Cocoa and Smart Coconut Creamer!). I knew this day would be a wash for training (meaning, rest day) and I also knew that Sunday would be the same as I woke up pretty early to go to a triathlon about 1.5 hours away to support some of my juniors who are now in college (so awesome to see them race for their respective schools!). That said, I knew I would have two day of no training so I had to be creative with the remaining five days.

Enjoying some non-impact training.

Enjoying some non-impact training.

In the mountains…actually, the start of the Colorado Trail.

In the mountains…actually, the start of the Colorado Trail.

What I learned this week is that doing two, 20+ mile runs within a span of 5 days is tough. Not so much during the run but the recovery. Both runs weren’t too hilly but did allow me to practice some pacing (mostly keeping my heart rate under a certain level) and nutrition. I carried two Generation UCAN Cinnamon bars with me and 2 bottles of their Hydrate electrolyte powder and consumed all of this during each run. The calories, fluid and electrolytes were perfect for each sub 3 hour run (yes, sub 3 hours…I’m actually trying to go a little slower but it doesn’t work sometimes!). Like I said, the running wasn’t necessarily the challenge, it was the recovery. My Achilles and knees started feeling it a bit more since I did two of these longer runs within 5 days - I haven’t received my new (larger size) Hoka SpeedGoat 2 shoes from Running Warehouse yet so I’m a bit more beat up than usual. So, I hit the iKOR CBD oil a bit more this week. Instead of my normal 10 pumps/day (5 in the morning and 5 right before bed), I added an extra 5 pumps immediately after I finished the two longer runs. Did it help? Pretty sure it did, combined with my three sessions of Compex active recovery, myofascial attention using the Trigger Point Grid X. And I was able to get in three Halo sessions last week also. I really do believe neuropriming with the Halo before some of my quality/longer duration sessions helps a ton to get my body ready for the activity so I will continue this practice 3-4 times per week.

Last week’s data:

Monday: run 21.1 miles

Tuesday: road bike, 26.3 miles

Wednesday: run 5.1 miles

Thursday: off

Friday: run 20.5 miles (the last 2 were particularly tough as it was the heat of the day again!)

Saturday: Powercranks for 40 minutes, 5 mile run, 3/4 mile walk, strength session

Sunday: off

Total running miles: 51.7. Yikes! Definitely the most I have had done in one week in the last 10 or so years. Total TSS was 524 (just a bit less than the week prior) and total elevation was only 3848 as I stayed lower last week to not further aggravate my Achilles. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?

This week I plan to NOT run more than one long run but I also am hoping to get in at least 1-2 trail runs with a bit more vertical and at least 1-2 weighted hikes (20 pound pack).

Onward and upward! Here’s to a great week for everyone!