R2R2R: Week 2

Bob R2R2R.jpg

Week 2 (of 10) is just about done. It was an epic week for me as I logged the most miles in one week since my Leadville training way back when. Luckily, I was able to break in my Hoka Speedgoat 2 trail shoes the latter half of the week so the knees and Achilles are a bit better now. Side note: if you plan on purchasing the SpeedGoat 2 shoes, I would recommend sizing up 1/2 size. I had to send them back to Running Warehouse (they have an awesome return policy!) so I’m waiting on the bigger pair, hopefully later this week.


This week saw 6 days of either running or hiking with a 20 pound vest on my back. Thanks to some aggressive recovery of using the Compex, myofascial release, yoga poses and dynamic stretching, my body is keeping up with the miles. Total miles for the week was 48.9 miles with 4453 feet of elevation gain (a bit less than last week). Total TSS was 591 (up about 120 points from last week) and I was able to squeak in a road bike ride, two Powercrank sessions, two strength sessions and 100-200 push-ups each day. Total duration was 11 hours and 41 minutes (an increase of about 2 hours from last week). I did two Halo sessions before quality runs and I just seem to have much better, more efficient training on those days! I’m going to use it to 4 times this upcoming week.

What I learned this week…well, we have been having some crazy record heat in Colorado and on one of my planned run days, I had quite a bit of work in the morning so I was left with either skipping a day or heading out at 1:30pm for a 10 miler. I chose to get outside with Generation UCAN Watermelon Hydrate in my bottle full of ice. About 8 minutes into my run, my bottle was warm and I ended up drinking the entire 20 ounces in the first 5 miles. Needless to say, the last 5 miles was a bit of a struggle (and I had a crazy hot headwind). I did pre-cool (soaked my shirt and hat with cold water) before the run and while I am sure it helped a little, it sure didn’t feel like it! Not that I could have helped it but Life happens like this and the important part is to go with it, prepare as good as you can and “embrace the suck”.

I logged a 9, 10 and 15 miler on three consecutive days this week and by Saturday, I just needed a bit of a break so I opted for Powercranks and a strength session. Because of this, I altered my nutrition a bit…I dropped my total carbohydrates and increased my fat intake to account for the reduced energy expenditure (aka-nutrition periodization!). Today was a quick run with my dog followed by a 4 mile weighted hike so I have kept my carbs lower and fat higher again. I will start adding more carbs back in on Monday as the new week of training begins.

I also hope to be getting more Generation UCAN products to try out in my different training sessions and will post my thoughts and nutrient timing strategies in my next blog post. I will be using their full line of energy bars, powder and of course, Hydrate (electrolyte powder).

Lastly, I am still a bit in awe how my body is recovering so well. Is it the iKOR CBD oil I have been using? Perhaps the handful of recovery modalities I do each day? Maybe implementing Metabolic Efficiency and Nutrition Periodization to support the ebbs and flows of my daily energy needs? Tart cherry juice post harder sessions? Likely, all of the above. It just goes to show you how much more we have to pay attention to recovery not only as we get older but also put in more miles than our body is used to. Make sure you have a solid recovery plan in addition to your training and nutrition plans.

Until next weekend!