What's it worth?

As consumers, we are faced with this burning question, "what's it worth?" may times throughout the day, week, month and year. No matter the service or product we need, we always look for "the deal". Am I right? I know I price shop on many items from toothpaste to running shoes to bicycle tires - but the one thing that I do not waiver on is my health, wellness, and performance.

When I am looking for someone to improve my health, I look for experience. I do not look for the deals. Why? Because I know looking for deals when it comes to my health and performance usually coincide with receiving inferior services. If I am looking for a massage therapist, I am going to look for one who specializes in sports massage and has had a long track record working with athletes. If I am going to choose a physician, I am going to look for one who specializes in sports, is an athlete, and has been in the profession for at least 12-15 years. If I am going to need a physical therapist, I'm not going for someone who just graduated from college. Sorry but you have to put in your time to get my business. I want someone who walks the walk AND talks the talk. The latter comes from years and years of experience and I am willing to pay for it. It's my body and I only have one of them!

I have been in the sports nutrition field for 23 years (hard to believe, I know). Every day I see another "nutritionist" pop up somewhere with a resume built on fad diets, supplements, MLM marketing, or the number of followers on social media (no joke!). And most have no educational background whatsoever! Don't get me started. However, I don't get mad, just frustrated. Frustrated that consumers are being tricked by individuals with very little experience but very slick marketing campaigns or chiseled bodies. It just doesn't work like that people!

You get what you pay for right? Yeah, you hire me and you do pay more. You pay more because I have three college degrees in the SAME topics of study. I'm not ashamed that I charge more because there is a very, very high chance that I have "been there, seen that, done that, fixed that" when it comes to what you need. Listen, 23 years in the profession (and still going strong) does that. I've seen just about everything. I know sports nutrition inside and out. I have devoted my life to it. It is my passion. I know exercise physiology testing. I know coaching and the psychology of helping someone make a behavior change. I studied it but more importantly, I've been around the block many, many times. I'm not arrogant. I'm honest.

Here's the thing...you may find someone half as qualified or heck, maybe even with the same alphabet soup as myself or my team of Sport Dietitians at eNRG Performance. Perhaps they offer the same services or physiological testing but for a much lower price. You may be thinking to yourself, "I'll just choose the cheapest one - they are all Registered/Sport Dietitians, right?". Um, wrong. Know why? Because we aren't the same. Even though we may have had similar schooling, completed our RD internship and passed the national RD exam, that doesn't make us similar. In fact, there are actually very few Registered Dietitians who specialize in sports nutrition.

My Registered/Sport Dietitian team at eNRG Performance (Heidi and Jackie) has over 30 years of combined, real-life experience. You know what that means for you, the consumer? That means you benefit, we reduce the learning curve when working with you, and we know how to interpret physiological tests better than anyone - simply because we are pioneers in the field and have been doing it a very long time.

So, before you decide to hire a Registered/Sport Dietitian or shell out some dough for a sweat sodium concentration test, metabolic efficiency test or the like, take a step back and ask yourself if you want to chase a deal or want the real deal. Believe me, if I had a dime for all of the athletes who have hired me after first going to someone else, I would be, well, let's just stop there.

Enjoy your summer!


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