A Story

Sports nutrition is a passion of mine. My curiosity of how the body worked and why it did certain things led me to my university degrees in exercise science and nutrition. But it was growing up playing competitive soccer and basketball that really began this journey. I didn't grow up eating well or knowing how to take care of my body. I don't think any young athlete did at that time. And I certainly had no idea of what it meant to factor in proper recovery, sleep and stress management techniques.

I merely followed my coaches orders and back then, it was a whole bunch of hard training, punishment in the form of sprints, wall sits, or the like, and showing up on game day hoping for the best.

Maybe part of my fascination with the human body was due to wanting to understand why my coaches did what they did. Maybe it was just pure luck but I don't bet on that too much. Perhaps it was during in my first semester of college, studying architecture of all things, sitting at a desk, hunched over drawing sketches of buildings, that really made me step back and ask the question, "why am I doing this"? I loved to draw but sitting at a desk all day long wasn't for me. I remember during this semester, I took an athletic training course as an elective. I don't know why but looking back on it, I feel that I was drawn to it because I was an athlete. It was my inner self wanting to understand more about the body and how it worked.

That one class began my journey to carving my career, my passion, my story. You see, everyone has a story and I was thinking about this in context of companies that make sports nutrition products. Relatively speaking, most of these companies use similar ingredients, share the same types of products and shelf space in retail but what makes you and I gravitate to one versus another? Their story. It's pretty simple really. Think of these sports nutrition companies that you engage with and truly support. Not just because their products are on sale but because you connect with their mission and their philosophy.

What is important to you as a consumer of their products? I remember reading "Raising the Bar" years ago and was filled with emotions from confusion to joy. This book told the story of a company with different values from most. I also remember a phone call I received more than 10 years ago from a representative of a new company that was trying to enter into the sports nutrition market. They didn't open by asking my opinion of their product and idea but rather told me the story of a young boy who could not control his blood sugar due to genetic disorder and had to be constantly fed every couple of hours through the day and night. His parents were doing everything they could to help their son. His father eventually created a product that helped his son's condition and now this boy is a thriving teenager who has better control of his life.

The story. It's quite powerful if you think about it and it has allowed me to take a step back and truly evaluate the "why" behind my support of certain companies. At the end of the day, we must all be responsible for our actions and decisions. My story has shaped my passion, my career, and my support of others.

What is your story?