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Times have changed. You know it, I know it. We have less time for many things due to the pressures we all face day in and day out. We live at a faster pace, skipping meals or eating them on the go oftentimes. The true mark of a good entrepreneur is to create solutions to problems or challenges and I believe Ample has done just that! While there have been other "meal in a bottle" concepts that have hit the market, I do not believe any of them have embraced the true nature of blending quality ingredients while optimizing the control of blood sugar with a decent taste.

In my opinion, Ample has done just that. Read on for my review of their product.

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Upon my initial exposure to Ample, I was quite shocked really. I thought, “why didn’t I think of that?”. Mostly because I am a smoothie-a-holic and this is a creation that would easily come out of my kitchen!

When I first got my hands on the Ample meal shake, I immediately turned to the label to see what ingredients were waiting for me. Grass-fed, a mixture of protein sources, fiber, resistant starch, omega-3’s, and probiotics topped off the list and are all ingredients that I myself would include if I had come up with this idea. It doesn’t appear that this company has skimped on any of the inclusions and that is something that I, as a Sport Dietitian, athlete, and parent, appreciate.

After the list of ingredients passed with flying colors, it was time to review the nutrition facts because sometimes no matter how great the ingredients are, some companies just don’t know how to put them together to stimulate positive physiological responses in the body. Ample gets it. Now, before I continue let me make it clear that this is a meal shake, not a snack. It provides a whopping 400 calories (they have 600 calorie options also) and I personally used this to replace my lunch one day. Many people will shy away from the 400 calorie sticker shock but remember, it’s a meal and you must approach it with this mindset. Calories aren’t really my biggest focal point so I moved onto the macronutrients. I am always concerned with the blood sugar controlling response of products and always look at protein first. At 27 grams, this falls right into correct amount needed for most individuals for a meal. I then moved to the carbohydrate content to make sure it is a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein as these ratios best control blood sugar (good for health and performance reasons). At only 21 grams of carbohydrate per bottle, this definitely achieves that goal! If you are an athlete, this may be too low of a ratio and a bit more carbohydrates may be necessary, depending on your training load. In this case, grab a handful of blueberries and/or mix Ample with milk of your choice for some extra carbohydrates to fuel exercise that is longer duration or higher intensity. The fat content comes in at 24 grams with zero trans fats.

Overall, the ingredients and nutrition facts of Ample support blood sugar control extremely well and will improve the body’s fat burning ability. But of course, who cares if it doesn’t taste good? After reading the ingredients, I was a bit weary and thought this would be the equivalent of picking up a handful of dirt and eating it. Not so! While Ample does have an “earthy” taste, I was pleasantly surprised how they made all of the super nutritious ingredients blend for a great taste that is smooth, creamy, and one that does not leave an ill aftertaste.

As I mentioned, I substituted Ample for a lunch and after mixing it with water, took about 10 minutes to drink it. What I noticed almost immediately afterwards was a comfortable sense of fullness. I was curious how long this would last and wasn’t too optimistic as I have tried other similar products and haven’t gone more than 90 minutes without eating something else afterwards. Ample provided a super high satiety (feeling of fullness) rating and I didn’t end up eating for 4 hours (yes, 4 hours) after drinking it.

Of course, there is an initial sticker shock that any consumer will have at first. Depending on the quantity purchased and the type (they have regular, Vegan, and Ketogenic), the price per bottle will range from $5.52 - $8.00. That may seem like a big chunk of change but remember, as I stated previously, this is a meal shake. It will replace a meal. Think of how much it costs to eat out then compare the nutrients in Ample versus a fast food meal. Ample doesn’t seem like much more than some powder in a bottle but dollar to dollar, I believe it will be a much more nutritious option that will help you optimize your blood sugar control, assisting in any health and athletic performance related goals.

As an aside, I had my teenage son, a highly competitive triathlete who trains upwards of 14 hours per week, try an Ample in between a swim and bike session. Two hours separated the sessions and he consumed an Ample immediately after his 4000 yard swim. He told me that he felt full, but not overly full, and his energy level was high all the way through his 1 hour and 15 minute interval bike session. Even after the bike, he said he wasn’t as hungry as usual. Success!

All in all, I will say that I will continue to use Ample and will always have a few bottles in my pantry for those times where I fall victim to the regular busy schedule of being a business owner, sport dietitian, father, husband, and coach. I would definitely recommend trying it as I believe you will be pleasantly surprised, not only by the super nutritious list of ingredients and pleasant taste, but also the ability it has on your body to stabilize your blood sugar and improve your energy level.

Want to try Ample for yourself? I would definitely recommend it to see how it works for you within you busy lifestyle. Click HERE or use the code ENRG15 to get 15% off your first order at the Ample website.