The Author

Bob Seebohar is a thought leader in the field of sports nutrition. Having created the concepts of Nutrition Periodization™ and Metabolic Efficiency Training™, he constantly reviews scientific literature and compares it with the real-life practices of athletes. If there is not a match, he digs deeper into each and looks to provide easy to follow implementations strategies that athletes can use to improve their health and performance.

In the case of Nutrition Periodization, Bob wanted athletes to understand there physical training program cycles warranted different nutritional strategies to best enhance performance. Nutrition Periodization supports the volume and intensity load changes throughout a year for an athlete and teaches them how to change their daily and training nutrition accordingly.

The Metabolic Efficiency Training concept, based on physiology, biochemistry, metabolic, and nutrition research, grew out of a pure lack of research in understanding the interaction of food with burning stored carbohydrate and fat. Prior to Bob creating the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept, there was no nutritional component that supported the body's ability to use fat as a preferential fuel for most types of exercise. Consequently, he designed Metabolic Efficiency Training as a way to teach athletes how to eat to enhance their body's ability to utilize the almost unlimited stores of fat as energy and preserve their extremely limited stores of carbohydrate. Metabolic Efficiency has taught athletes and non-athletes how to improve performance along with important health parameters. 




I bought your Nutrition Periodization for Athletes book and that's answering most of my questions from your Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat book (which I bought at the USA Triathlon coaching clinic). I just want to tell you that I thought your talk was BS but intriguing nonetheless. I decided to try your methods expecting to bounce right back to my old ways.

Within a week, I lost 7 pounds. I'm now down 15 since the USAT Level I clinic in Nashville! And I'm riding and running long and riding hard, all without sports nutrition products, pasta, bread, potatoes, pancakes, etc!  My body fat has dropped from about 13% to under 10%, I've lost a couple inches in my waist, and my face, chest, arms, and quads are looking ripped!

I'm NOT going to bounce back to my old ways. And I'm not really missing the grains. In another month or so, I'll be adding portions back into my diet. I'm really having fun with this experiment. The results are quite dramatic, and as you say, the comments that I'm getting from my fellow athletes are quite welcomed and flattering. 

— Sam, Triathlete


I am thrilled to report that I had a very successful Master's Track Nationals.  I won the 500 Meter Time Trial for my age division (50-54 years old), set a national and world record of 39.3 and I placed second in the 2 Kilometer Pursuit.   

I want to thank you for the nutrition consult and recommendations for my pre and post training/race nutrition - I believe your recommendations were an important part of my success.  Your recommendations will be a part of my nutrition plan if I decide to compete again in 2010. 

—Rita, track cyclist

Since adopting your principles over a year ago I have experienced so much positive success. In addition to being 10 pounds lighter, my body is so much more metabolically efficient than it once was. I can't begin to tell you how this has changed my training and racing!!! I recently completed an Ironman taking in about 150-160 calories an hour on the bike and 50 calories an hour on the run. I finished in 9:58. I had zero stomach issues and I finished feeling strong - I even posted my fastest IM marathon time and bike split as of yet. 

Many of my other Ironman athletes are also becoming believers; I had four athletes complete the same Ironman with similar nutrition plans. You do a great job communicating these concepts and I want to thank you for changing my racing and training experience. You rock Bob!!!

— Alan, Ironman athlete


It has been about 3 or 4 weeks since we spoke, and I am totally in shock at the difference your simple recommendations have made.

I know we spoke about my hard training days, and I mentioned I would struggle to meet my target watts for a lot of my intervals. Since eating more for my pre-ride meal I have been exceeding my targets week in week out. I am no longer absolutely exhausted at the end of each interval, in fact I finish them and I am ready to go for it on the next one, rather than being 20-30 watts off target I am 10-15 watts over target!!

I had a criterium last week, where my coach was super impressed with my power numbers given that it was my first crit. I set a new high for my one minute power. And in the race I won a prize for a fast lap. I actually feel like I could have podiumed that race but got boxed in at the final corner!

Then this Saturday I won the Mt Baldy Hill Climb in California for Cat 4!! And I feel like I could have gone faster!

Overall I just can't believe how much of a difference these simple changes have made. I am truly thankful!

—Kas, road cyclist

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your advice regarding my diet.   I am a weight class athlete who has always struggled to lose the pound or two that I was over, I am so pleased to be maintaining my weight where I need to be.

I think that your methods are great.  I really feel like I am in control of my choices and that you helped me to set reasonable and attainable goals and a realistic list of food choices.  You took a very cooperative approach with helping me eliminate and add foods to my diet that really helped me feel in control.  I think this is vital to my success!

Thank you again for your outstanding assistance!!  

Lindsey H., weightlifter, 48kg class

— Lindsey, weightlifter, 48kg class


The metabolic efficiency program definitely worked, at 42 years old, I was in the best shape of my life and I had numerous people comment on how fit I looked. It helped me fuel and recover from the workouts I needed to prepare for Worlds Toughest Mudder. I was already had a decent fitness level, but was able to go to a new level.

—Corey, Worlds Toughest Mudder Championships Competitor